Competitions are for Horses not Artists.

~ Bela Bartok

While we are healing from therapies, surgeries, and/or our losses, we will undoubtedly run into the well-meaning professional or acquaintence who will wish to inspire us with the heroics of those who have come through similar problems and seemingly succeeded faster, and with fewer complaints than us. Everyone has their own pain tolerance levels, rate of recovery, and ability level. I certainly learned that no two neck surgeries were the same.  We can not afford to be compared to others. Respect your own process and rate of recovery. Let you inner being be your guide on how to proceed.

Today’s Life Coach Action Plan: Just for today, I will compare myself with my own inner clock and set of standards. I will let go of the expectations of others. I will learn to politely ignore commentary. I will use show stoppers, such as “that is nice, thanks for the information”.  Or, “I trust my doctor”.

Note: Please comment below and let me know how this works for you.


About gammajo51

Child of the 60's. Woman of wonder. Worked as a counselor for 20 years...spiritual life is for me. Presently have been working as an ESL teacher for at least 12 years. Love to garden, read, write, do puzzles, and just explore the universe. Pet lover. Enjoy quiet and solace.
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