Motivated to Change

I have never seen a person grow or change in a constructive direction when motivated by guilt, shame, &/or hate.

~ William Goldberg

We are raised in a society that likes to think all the guilt, shame, and hate will somehow motivate people around us to change. Just today, I heard someone advise that only hate and anger could drive humans toward social change. Perhaps that is what the intitial feelings might be, but for me anger and hate breed only more anger and hate. We may want change, but we will get is retaliation in response when we charge in and force change.

Today Life Coach Action Plan: Just for today, I will act lovingly toward everyone I meet. I will greet them with a smile. I will offer hope, happiness, and acceptance. See how far that gets you.  

Note: Please comment belowand let me know how this works for you.


About gammajo51

Child of the 60's. Woman of wonder. Worked as a counselor for 20 years...spiritual life is for me. Presently have been working as an ESL teacher for at least 12 years. Love to garden, read, write, do puzzles, and just explore the universe. Pet lover. Enjoy quiet and solace.
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