Don’t Miss the Ship

If your ship doesn’t come in, swim out to it!

~ Jonathan Winters

This guy use to crack me up. Where have all the great old time physical comics gone to? Ha ha. Anyway, the point of this is pretty obvious. Most of us spend way too much time waiting for if only. Right now, I am waiting for if only my old house sales. It is a waste of my precious time, so every time the subject comes to mind, I get busy…I go pull weeds, help others, watch some comedy, etc. Doing anything is more productive than worrying. It will be or it won’t be. That is all. That is it. It is all good, even the bad stuff. especiall yte hbad stuff.

Today’s Life Coach Action Plan: Put aside whatever you are worrying about. Write them on  piece of paper, toss them in an envelope addressed to God, and date it for 6 months from now. Now, go do something else. Live!


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