Life Coach

You may be asking what a life coach is. I will try to define what I believe my purpose as a life coach entails. A life coach or spiritual coach is someone who is available to help you navigate the waters of the difficulties that you may be experiencing. It is someone willing to be on your team, cheer you on, give you direction and purpose in klife, and set the course for easier attainment of your goals.

I usually work with people who are working hard for their own goals and are eager to learn more and better ways to achieve the same. I give written and action assignments along the way. Talking does not get much done, other then to talk things to death. Analysis is paralysis. Talking never got me far. I had to put into action those things I aspired toward.  

The coaching I provide is self paced. You can work at your own speed, take what you like and leave the rest.


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