Recovery vs. Dis-ease

Man is as full of potentiality as he is of impotence.

~ George Santayana

It is often said that there are the 4 horsemen of dis-ease: terror, bewilderment, frustration, and despair.  I argue that that might well be the case; however, more importantly there are the rival 4 horsemen of recovery: trust, clarity, acceptance, and hope. Given half a chance and some support, we can turn the tide of hopelessness and powerlessness into an opportunity to enure our strengths and create stronger personas. The other day, my home owner’s insurance company tripled their rates..I started looking around for options, and learned I was over paying on that, the car, and another policy. Had they not raised the one rate, I would have not found even better rates for more coverage or all my needs.

Today’s Life Coach Action Plan: Write down today’s dilemmas however mintute or personal they are too you. Now, reframe them into what you might gain from them….maybe a lesson or maybe a new idea. Think proactively.

Note: Please comment below and let mme know how this works for you.


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